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Spring chase 2021 details coming after Thanksgiving!

IMG_6923 (2).jpg
Our first Wyoming tornado.  2019 chase.

If you're looking for adventure, you'll love this thrilling storm chasing vacation holiday in America. During the chase you'll travel across a number of states throughout the Great Plains of the United States. Our team is friendly. We're here for our guests, sharing our knowledge and making sure you receive a unique, quality storm chasing experience. 

Our lead forecaster and chaser Ron Moore has been chasing tornadoes since 1981 with hundreds of tornado encounters. The Moore family has been chasing together since 2001. That year they caught the famous F4 White Dear, Texas tornado. 


Your tour price includes hotel lodging, your own window seat, and weather briefings by our expert storm chasers. After you reserve your storm chasing tour (dates coming soon), all you have to do is book your flight to the base city. There's even a free hotel shuttle that will take you from and to the airport before and after your tour! It's that easy.

Very soon we will have more information on the tours. By signing up here you will be guaranteed the latest updates and ways to secure your own seat with The Storm Warning! 


Topeka, KS 2011

Tornado in 2020 chase. Location Post, TX.


We do a lot of and video...constant stopping...endless miles of driving...think of it as a weather safari!  Nothing is guaranteed - but it's the thrill of the hunt!

...and SNACKS!  Don't forget the snacks!  Some days it's all you have time or can find to eat!

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