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This section will go live later in December 2020.

Hi there! Welcome to your education central for all things related to weather, meteorology and climate. The resources here are for weather enthusiasts that can’t get enough weather info or for teachers that need really good, scientifically based material for their students. Severe and extreme weather have always been a part of life and at certain times in history the storms go absolutely nuts. Here’s where we educate and prepare people to survive to thrive. 




If you love climatology, this will be the place for you! You may even get some seasonal outlooks here!



This is where we ignore normal weather and talk about historical extreme events! I will pull from my private weather collection and show you the biggest storms in history and how they changed the world!

In this section we will cover a lot of material but ALL related to the world of weather.  For teachers, this will be a great resource for everything weather with weekly and ?? daily updated material

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