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Storm Warriors Children's Book Series!


I introduce you to a brand new adventure series for children ages 7-12 we call, “Storm Warriors”. Your kids will enjoy chasing storms with Charlie and Cindy across America and across time.


They have experienced major storms of all types with their parents, but now they are about to join Dr. Espy to witness the greatest storms in U.S. history. To do so they will travel back in time.

Artwork by Edward Fleming

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The first book is titled, “Saving a King” and takes place in Tupelo, MS, in the year 1936. The team will come to realize that they have two missions in each historic storm; to uncover secrets of the storm and to save the lives of people who would go on to make a difference.


In “Saving a King” the adventurers discover that they will have to help save a young Elvis from an F5 tornado in 1936. They will also uncover a secret about storms that could change the way we live today. 



Artwork by Edward Fleming

What do they learn on these adventures?

  • How to spot dangerous weather

There are clues throughout the book!

  • What to do when storms hit

Follow Charlie & Cindy's examples!

  • The history of epic storm

     Each book will be written to compare a             historic storm to today's "epic" storms!

  • What technology?

The tools they used "back in the day"! 

Cell phones & radar didn't exist!!

  • What to do after the storm

The back of the book give the details!

Which ones were worse?

Would we survive the storms our grandparents and their parents encountered?

What if we could experience those storms knowing what we know today?

We have followed very closely with the historical accuracy of these storm and their impacts. We do that by making use of a massive collection we have access to of first edition antique meteorology books, posters, pictures and handwritten diaries of people who survived these storms. These collective records have left a good story for us to follow.  In that way, your children will not only be entertained by these books but learn the truth about the biggest storms in history. They will do so by living through it with Charlie, Cindy and Doc.


But the adventure doesn’t end there.


When Charlie and Cindy aren’t chasing historic storms with Doc, they are chasing modern day storms with their parents. Part of the Storm Warriors mission is to compare past storms to our modern day storms to determine what if anything has changed. Are today’s storms more extreme than those in the past? What has changed since the storms struck and how did they change the world we live in?

Note from the Author:


Our goal is to teach kids the true history of extreme weather and the stories of famous survivors inside the storms. Through the story they will gain an understanding of how to spot dangerous weather and how to not only survive epic storms but to thrive in spite of them.  All of this comes in an adventurous historical fiction that your children will love to read!


To make it even more exciting we have added our own personal chase adventures of the past 30 years to the mix. Having personally been in hurricane flood surges, monster hail storms, real floods, blizzards and dozens of tornadoes allows the storm chase scenes to come more alive. Indeed, many of the descriptions of the storms themselves are from our personal eyewitness accounts.


Feel free to like our Facebook page - The Storm Warning for storm updates and Ronald E. Moore (Moore Storm Chasing) to follow our real life storm chase/research adventures. Please leave us feedback about the books and get ready for more exciting storm story time travelling chase trips ahead.



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