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January Weather Outlook

Well winter has been pretty much absent across the eastern USA this season but that might well change as we move into the middle of January. There are many atmospheric drivers this year that meteorologists seem to be convinced should be controlling our weather with El Nino probably being the biggest one. Other factors are coming into play as we move into this second week of January but what will be the final results of the total package?

There have been some impressive storms in the Rockies, west coast and southern plains already this year which nicely fits in with the El Nino. In fact, the west Texas, eastern New Mexico blizzard was a textbook setup. Sadly I had to watch that one afar from the normally snowcovered New Hampshire region. This year we’ve had 4 inches of snow/sleet at our location with plenty of very warm days including 60+ for both Christmas Eve and Day. Hoping that changes soon.

It does seem that the trough/ridge positions are shifting this week into a pattern more favorable for east coast snow and cold but time will tell. I do believe in the end much of the area from south New England to Kentucky to Denver, Colorado will end out the year at least normal for snow but probably above normal. The northeast, Great Lakes and northern Plains will likely come out below normal for snowfall.

I’ll update this blog later in the week if warranted with snowstorm and cold shot threats.

Happy New Year!


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